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Healthy Boy Sauces  brought to you
by Chadha Oriental Foods Ltd


- Dissolves easily to make a creamy, smooth curry sauce.
- Convenient portion sizes for your needs.
- Great tasting meals in minutes

Yan Wal Yun, the seasoning sauce factory, was established in 1947 and started as a family business.

Through hard work and dedication, the business grew rapidly.

Within five years, the company was well recognised by Thai consumer as one of the leaders in seasoning sauces for Thai and Chinese dishes.

Since it started to be famous, the company has developed and penetrated the seasoning market under the name of Healthy Boy Brand.

In 1993 Yan Wal Yun has successfully established a strong foothold with 69.7% market share in Thai Soy Sauce market and become one of the leading companies in this industry.

Through 60 years of success, Yan Wal Yun has expanded and constructed the highly advanced facilities in Soy Sauce production.

The new facilities have employed the latest technology in Soy Sauce production process which leads Yan Wal Yun to be one of the most advanced manufacturers in the world of Soy Sauce.